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At Royal Estimation LLC, we're more than just a construction estimating firm we're your strategic partner in bidding more and winning more. Leveraging zip code-specific pricing, we deliver highly detailed and accurate project estimates and quantity takeoffs, ensuring your bids are both competitive and precise.

We understand that navigating the complexities of bid estimates can be daunting. Deciphering labor rates, material costs, and project timelines can consume valuable time and resources, often resulting in under-quotes or overpricing.

That's where we step in. When you entrust your estimating processes to us, you're not just outsourcing a task you're gaining a dedicated ally committed to transforming your challenges into opportunities. Together, we'll pave the way for successful project completion and financial growth. Let Royal Estimation be the cornerstone of your success story.

Meet the Team:

Harry Thomas, the honored CEO of Royal Estimation, is a known figure in the construction industry with over a decade of experience. A licensed general contractor, Harry has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of construction estimating since Early 2000, when he identified a glaring gap in the industry's approach; while contractors were diverted with the day-to-day operations, vital aspects of the business, such as construction estimating, were often overlooked.

To rectify this, Harry stepped forward with a vision of transforming the construction estimating process. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and is a certified professional estimator (CPE). He has completed numerous projects with his team at Royal Estimation, ranging from small residential buildings to large commercial complexes. Notable projects under his purview include 'Project Alpha,' 'Project Beta,' 'Project Gamma,' and 'Project Delta', setting benchmarks in the industry.

Today, he leads a formidable team of 70 certified and qualified estimators, engineers, and architects. This team is dedicated to creating accurate bid estimations for all trades within the construction industry, ensuring projects are secured confidently and efficiently.

Royal Estimation has recently broadened its horizons, expanding its operations across all the locations of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The firm takes pride in its double verification system, where seniors meticulously review every member's efforts before being finalized. In addition to construction estimating, the company also offers CPM scheduling and architect designing services, further solidifying its role as a comprehensive solution for construction needs.

Harry the CEO

Good day! My name is Harry Thomas, CEO of Royal Estimation. With two decades in construction, I have gained extensive industry insight. I have been actively involved in every phase, from scratch to managing large-scale green building projects. Now is estimating; all in all.

The construction industry is booming in all the four territories of the UK. Royal Estimation is not only eyeing all those prospects, but we also help you to win the construction tenders with phenomenal estimation skills. Whether you got a construction opportunity from the CCS (Crown Commercial Services) or found a way with the Scottish “Construction Procurement Handbook”, we are with you. The years of experience have enabled us to provide you with the brilliance to offer the bid-winning estimates for “Public Contracts” (Scotland), or if you are attached to the construction activities of Whitelaw Brae Wind Farm or Mossy Hill Wind Farm, we know the estimation needs for Scotland.

Similarly, we apply our prime estimation skillset for WGCD (Welsh Government Commercial Delivery) and are thoroughly familiar with the “All Wales Framework Agreement”. We provide the perfect estimation support for all Welsh transportation and infrastructural projects. And if you are in Northern Ireland, then be assured we have a healthy history of working with CPD (Construction and Procurement Delivery). 

Ultimately, we strive for excellence and exceed expectations when estimating projects. Our expert online estimators offer exceptional estimating services to make your bidding successful and bridge the gaps in the construction industry. With the Brit talent, we are going ahead. So you can experience less stress and more wins.

Let's conquer the World together!


Harry Thomas

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